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Carmen: on the   harbour

 opera australia 

Gail Edwards - Director

Kelley Abbey - Choreography

"Kelley Abbey’s choreography is mesmerising'' 

Angus Mc Pherson, Limelight

Reel featuring Kate Wormald. Edited by Scott Ogier

Opera Australia 

"Choreographer Kelley Abbey’s flamenco-inspired dance sequences proved captivating, especially that “billowing red frock” – which has quickly become its own signature'' 

Arts Hub-Gina Fairley

Screenshot 2023-02-14 165332.png

"Choreographer Kelley Abbey contributes enormously to the enjoyment of the piece, not only filling the stage with swirling movement but also being incredibly mindful of the storytelling. A highlight involving most of the company is the flamenco-styled stamp/clap routine at the start of act two'' 

Simon Parris- Man in Chair 

"Kelley Abbey’s choreography contains traditional with a blaze of brazen Broadway.'' 

Richard Cotter, Australian Stage

"Her Choreography picks up on the infectious pseudo-Spanish Rhythms of Bizet’s score, and is as stylish as it is striking.'' 

Ben Neutze, Daily Review.

"Kelley Abbey has created a series of extraordinary dance sequences, which are superbly executed by the large dance team.'' 

Australian Arts Review

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