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Fame  - Australian tour 1999

David Atkins - Director
Kelley Abbey - Choreography & Lead of Carmen

"On stage, actor, dancer and singer Kelley Abbey crackled with an energy that got the audience's heart jumping. As the Latina Carmen Diaz in Fame The Musical, Abbey's perfectly toned body glistened with sweat as she sizzled across the stage in a steamy salsa. Her black hair shone as she twirled under the intense lights and she hammed it up: "I respect ya Schlomo. Ya got da juice, I swear."

Sun Herald Tempo - 10 October 1999

"This production is a particular triumph for Kelley Abbey ... as Carmen in Fame she sizzles with non-stop energy that catches and keeps the eye wherever she is on stage. 

But this production of Fame represents her debut as a choreographer, and the dance sequences are the show's outstanding strength."

The Age - 31 December 1999

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