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Fame  -   2010

Kelley Abbey - Director & Choreography

In Rehearsal’s 2010

Dance Life Interview 

"The highlight of Fame: The Musical is Kelley Abbey's extravagant, culture-hopping choreography, performed with dynamism and grace. The dance draws inspiration from every corner of the globe: from the strength and delicacy of Talia Fowler's classical ballet routines, to sharp urban break-dancing from Timomatic."

Cameron Woodhead, Sydney Morning Herald

Dancelife FAME Auditions Brisbane

SYTYCD Finale FAME performance of Duende.

"Abbey has revisited the role of choreographer (Fame – the Musical 1999) as well as this time, making her directorial debut. The beauty of this, having a dance oriented director, means the show is very dance driven. Abbey has injected new dance numbers, fleshed out original numbers and really revamped this old favourite. Abbey has brought Fame into the 21st century in more ways than one by utilising multi media, a mixture of dance styles, keeping the undertones of the 80s fashions and choreographic style and adding a big dollop of 2010 freshness. Abbey’s choreography has it’s own trademark style. As a choreographer, style recognition becomes almost a brand, think Balanchine, Fosse, Robbins and MJ. Well for me, watching Fame was like feeling the spirit of Kelley Abbey coming through the production. The dancers have embraced her way of executing steps and it’s fantastic to watch. Abbey is the ‘A’ in the A-list of choreographers in this country."

Emma Bell, Dance Australia

"The focus was centralised on the brilliant dance routines that were filled with power and intense energy. Home-grown choreographer and director, Kelley Abbey, who grew up in Brisbane’s Inala, has done a fantastic job. While the dancing was the crux of the show, the atmosphere created by these efforts made it shine – literally and metaphorically. It was a feast for the eyes when the dancing and design came together."

Aussie Theatre

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