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The 2005 production
David Gilmore - Director
Kelley Abbey - Choreography

"But it's the songs, Kelley Abbey's energetic choreography - which sees the greaser boys mixing doo-wop with hip-hop moves - and technicolor costumes that make the show live up to the 'spectacular' part of its title.''

The Advertiser - 2 June 2005

"Kelley Abbey's energy packed choreography fills the arena with stunning colour and movement. Grease will always be the word."

Sunday Mail - 5 June 2005.

"Grease is the title, but "big" is the word for this stadium-scaled version of the enduring musical."

Sunday Mail - 5 June 2005.

"Dance routines for the whole company are a flourish of energy and colour."

The Age - 19 May 2005

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