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happy feet

George Miller - Directed

Savion Glover & Kelley Abbey - Choreography 

Kelley Abbey - Principal Motion Capture Performer

"The most ambitious and successful use of the motion-capture technique to date."

Variety - November 2006

"Kelley Abbey taught them how to curtail their natural range of motion and move like flightless birds with stumpy legs and little flippers."

Los Angeles Times - 12 November 2006

“Kelley has done everything. She’s the top stage and music video choreographer in Australia and is also an extraordinary performer. In the film, she dances and performs the dramatic moves for several characters, including Norma Jean, Gloria and Ramon.” - November 2006

“Kelley’s no longer human,” jokes Glover. “She became a penguin on this movie. Working with her was great. She guided me, she had my back…I actually started calling her ‘my right-hand penguin.’” - November 2006

"I had many jobs on Happy Feet. I choreographed it and also ran penguin school, teaching the musical theatre performers how to be penguins and put them into character development for drama and dance. I was assisted by Leanne Cherny who has also assisted me on past shows like Fame and Footloose."

Kelley Abbey - 2006

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