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Self-Development Lectures


  • In person or Zoom Online Mentorship

  • 1.5hrs of informative discussion, creative self- development and support. Empowering the individual performer to their authentic, artistic and powerful self.

  • You can choose from the topics below or create topics that you require to suit your individual needs.


  1. Requirements of a professional working dancer

  2. Managing your life as a professional: resume, show reels, and selling yourself.

  3. Audition Technique

  4. Dealing with refection

  5. Breaking your boundaries

  6. Dealing with injury and body maintenance

  7. Diet and nutrition

  8. Maintaining and developing your creativity

  9. Developing the actor in your dancer

  10. The cross over from dancer to signer vice versa

  11. Nurturing the choreographer in you

  12. Pioneer Choreographers

  13. Adapting the different styles

  14. Dance for film vs. theatre stage

  15. Working on your weaknesses

  16. Keeping a positive mindset

  17. Dealing with stress and anxiety in our profession

  18. Keeping motivated in isolation

  19. Working with your uniqueness

  20. Artistic empowerment


Sessions cannot be recorded or reproduced by any third party.

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