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so you think you can dance

Kelley Abbey - Choreographer & Guest Judge - Australia & USA

"Kelley has won as many hearts as awards." - January 2008


Jazz Audition choreographed by Kelley Abbey.

Contemporary audition choreographed by Jason Winters.

Hip Hop audition choreographed by Paris Goebel.

Ballroom audition choreographed by Paul Green.

Outside location with all genres, choreographed and directed by Kelley Abbey.

TOP 20 - EVERYBODY - Choreographer

TOP 20 - LET ME THINK ABOUT IT - Choreographer

TOP 12 - BLACKBIRD - Choreographer

"Admired by many, internationally recognised, intuitive, creatively connected to her knowledge and integrity driven."

DanceTrain Magazine - Jan/Feb 2008

TOP 12 - MI COFESSION - Choreographer

USA TOP 20 - SCARED OF ME - Choreographer

TOP 20 - EVERYBODY FREE FINALE - Director/Choreographer

TOP 100 Auditions - Choreographer

Finale FAME performance of Duend

Screenshot 2023-02-14 164301.png

TOP 20 FINALE - Guest Performer

"Abbey is a choreographer, and a good one, and not only does this crowd know who she is, they appreciate her work."

Weekend Australian - Elizabeth Meryment 28-29 March 2009

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