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Strictly Ballroom

Kelley Abbey - Associate director to Baz Luhrman & Resident Director.

"Bringing the story to the musical stage was a bold move – but when the creative partnership of Baz and Catherine Martin are at the helm – there was never going to be a moment of "is this too much?". Excess, bold colours, gorgeous visuals – are very much part of their DNA. This stage spectacular is a visual feast. From the lavish costumes, to the atmospheric lighting design, from the iconic images taken from the film, to the broad performances from an accomplished (and large) cast.'' 

Vito Mattarelli, Australian Stage. 23rd Jan 2015

"The production values imbued by Bazmark and Global Creatures are nothing short of world class. The overall staging is notable for the particularly strong collaboration between the creative team. The replication of cinematic dissolves and crosscuts is achieved by the combination of tight scripting, rotating scenery and flowing curtains, fast costume changes, flowing music, strong character work, and continuous dancing.'' 

Simon Parris  - 18 Jan  2015

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